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8 photos
San Martin Area $750.00 USD Monthly 300 sq. ft. Single Story "Home for 1 or 2 persons." Other
16 photos
Riviera Road
Rivera Creek $1,250.00 USD Monthly Single Story Residential
16 photos
Piccini $1,400.00 USD Monthly Single Story Residential
21 photos
Maya Vista $1,400.00 USD Monthly 2,730 sq. ft. 2 Story Split Residential
16 photos
Jaguar, Suite R7
Mountain View Area $1,500.00 USD Monthly 2 Story "Semi-furnished" Residential
22 photos
Hibiscus Street
Belmopan $2,300.00 USD Monthly 2 Story Split "Includes Laundry Room" Residential
14 photos
San Ignacio South
Cahal Pech $25,000 USD 21,775 sq. ft."Corner Parcel on Sloping Landscape" Apartment "Water, Electricity and Good Roads access" Lots and Land
10 photos
31e Young Gal Road
Teakettle $27,558 USD 3,035 sq. m."For Commercial, Agriculture, or Residential Use" Commercial "Road and electricity access AND a view" Lots and Land
13 photos
Teakettle $27,808 USD 3,035 sq. m."Large size for comfort and privacy..get it today!" Apartment "Residential Area growing quickly." Lots and Land
6 photos
Benque Viejo Town $30,000 USD 47,793 sq. m."11.81 Acres" Apartment "11.81 Acres" Lots and Land
17 photos
Mountain View Area $35,000 USD 464 sq. m. Apartment Lots and Land
9 photos
31b Young Gal Road
Teakettle $35,308 USD 3,035 sq. m."Country Living at its Best - central location" Lot / Land "3/4 Acre Residential Lot in Central Belize" Lots and Land
17 photos
21 Young Gyal McRae Area
Roaring Creek Village $37,500 USD 101,171 sq. m."25 Acres just 2 parcels away from the River." Lot / Land "Profiles Cohune, Thatch Palms, Trees, Bamboo, etc." Lots and Land
18 photos
Valley of Peace
Valley of Peace $40,000 USD Lot / Land Lots and Land
13 photos
16 Arenal Road
Benque $44,000 USD 40,468 sq. m."10 Acres" Apartment "10 Acres of beautiful forest and expansive views." Lots and Land
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